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Formenton Security, an FAA certified Robotics UAS operator and integrator of ‘always-on site’ security platforms.

Formenton Security Group and MySkaut are bringing change to the security market. The goal is to combine security guard intervention with innovative aerial robotic security systems. We are introducing this model in Illinois and will pioneer the operation nationwide and worldwide.

The system maximizes security operations and captures details often missed during after-action investigations. Trespassers and potential perpetrators are monitored and tracked in real-time without causing risk to a client’s operation and staff.

Sandra Formenton


Rocky Krumaitis



Foresight Research and Innovation: FSG’s & MySkaut internal Urban Air Mobility think-tank and consultancy.
NASA AAM Digital Information Platform Working Group: Members of the Community Integration and NAS Crosscutting Working Groups.
FAA Advanced Air Mobility Advisory: Participating Members Argonne National Labs Array of Things: Member – Executive Oversight Committee.

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